2020 Property survey

What is your gender?

What is your ethnic group?

What is your age?

What is your household income group? (RM)

Are you going to buy a property after the Coronavirus outbreak?

What is your next property purchase type?

Would you purchase property during the Coronavirus outbreak?

What is your view on property price after the Coronavirus outbreak?

When is the good time to buy property from now?

Would the Coronavirus outbreak delay your purchase decision?

How are you going to prioritize your money after the Coronavirus outbreak?

Where do you want to buy for your next own stay purposes?

Property price range (own stay purposes) if you want to upgrade?

What kind of property utilities do you prefer?

Would you purchase property online?

During or after the Coronavirus outbreak, would you consider selling your property?

Would you reduce the price to sell a property?

Would you consider to refinance your property?

Do you have properties vacant without a tenant?

Are you interested to buy below market value property?

Are you qualified for bank loan if you were to buy a new house?

The government has introduced 6 months loan deferment options. Are you opting it?

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