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Company Profile
AFFIRM PLUS - A World of Excellence

AFFIRM PLUS is a dynamic organisation helmed by Hendry Lee, an award winning entrepreneur and highly successful businessman.

Since our humble inception in 2003, AFFIRM PLUS has embarked on a path of dynamic expansion into myriad industries collectively classified under our three core business groups: Property Development, Property Services and Investment.


As a fast growing integrated regional product and service provider, AFFIRM PLUS knows the importance of commitment, knowledge and responsibility. We invest substantially in the training and upgrading of our professionals and the AFFIRM PLUS culture of knowledge dissemination permeates the entire organisation.

With strong financial fundamentals and a dedicated workforce we call the AFFIRM PLUS family, we are committed to our vision of making the AFFIRM PLUS a recognised regional leader in offering quality products and services. At AFFIRM PLUS, our clients know that they have a trusted partner in us, no matter where they may be.

our mission
  • To provide a business platform, inspiring our partners to reach for their dreams, and to help our employees realized their dreams and live a better life.
  • To help our customers in their business needs by maximizing benefits and efficiency of our results through our expertise and system.
  • Those who have benefit from society, must also give back to society. To have the greatest responsibility in contributing to the three principles of charity, environmental protection and education.
our vision

Most reliable property expert in your neighbourhood.

Reliable Commitment and Trust is our most important foundation.
Expert Our expertise, system and service differentiates us from others.
Neighborhood To become a regional one-stop service expert and to meet customer needs.

We strive to achieve our mission by:

To develop and inspire every individual to be the best that they can be.
To foster a dynamic partnership with suppliers beneficial for mutual growth.
To achieve optimum returns for our investors.
To offer the best product or service that anticipates our clients' needs and wants.
To establish an outstanding regional organisation that is socially and environmentally responsible.